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I inherited my grandmothers Timeshare a year ago. I had no Idea I was still responsibility for the maintenance and taxes. I was sent a letter threatening to put a lien on my home. I saw an add on facebook about earning extra money with my timeshare. I called World Timeshare Now and their friendly staff got me set up and got me my offers right away. I had enough to pay all the fees and taxes with enough let over to actually go to the resort for a week and have a great vacation with my Family. World Timeshare Now turned my timeshare nightmare into a way to go on vacation every year. If you have a Timeshare you need to call them and stop wasting money on something you might not ever use.

Willie P. Trollinger
Willie P. TrollingerMedical Assistant

With all the respect to the Support Team: I thought I would get dismissed, but you made me feel welcome and taken care of!

Sylvester C. Shin
Sylvester C. LevinRadar Controller

The Best Customer Service I have ever had.

I signed up and in 65 days I got my offers. When I got them I realized they were not for my Resort. I called up expecting to not be able to contact anyone. After I pushed 2 within 1 minute I was speaking to a representative. They gave me a great breakdown of what I need to do. After following their detailed steps I was able to get the booking done. They said after that it would take 72 hours to receive payment but got it in less than 48. I got over 8k in rental income and paid off some credit cards  and all the fees and taxes. I was blown away about how fast all this went. I am gonna do this every year from now on.

Kimberly B. Santos
Kimberly B. SantosReferee

I am a small business owner and travel expenses have always prevented me from expanding. I was on linkedIn and saw an ad from World Timeshare Now and filled out the form to learn more. I was called the next day by the friendliest representative. He told me how I could stay in a place 2x as nice as any hotel and spend half as much. I needed to stay a couple weeks in Orlando for a job and was going to decline. I made the request and 2 days later they had me a unit for 2 weeks way under what I was expecting to pay. I took the job made a lot of money and have tripled my coverage area. This is the perfect solution when small businesses need to travel.

Ken M. Thompson
Karen M. ThompsonClaims Adjuster

My company was looking for accommodations for our annual events. Every year the Hotels would be less available and the price always increased. I found World Timeshare Now at an event in Orlando and they introduced us to multiple owners with weeks they were not even using.  Best part is the price was half the amount I was spending to stay in a hotel with just a bed and a bathroom. Now I have the luxury of home when I have to be away from it. I would recommend any company looking to cut their lodging cost in half to contact World Timeshare Now.

David C. Eddy
David C. EddyEntertainment Business

It was nice and easy for me.

Antionette R. Lanier
Antionette R. LanierPostal Service Worker